End of Week 1: The First Update!

So after working for a week on the prototype a fair deal of progress has been made!

On the programming side of things, it’s probably easier just to throw down a list of everything worked on over the course of last week.

Movement and Controls, Player Inventory, Player Abilities , Player Stats and Progression, Enemy AI, Dialogue, Dungeon Generation , Networking, Saving/Loading.

while obviously all of those areas will need refinement and polish, they are all working. A lot of what needs to get done now are UI related, little things that tell you when you do something, or about something you are looking at, or why you can’t do it. In addition, player’s can’t currently tell their health in game. Beyond that a major thing missing is that melee enemies can’t attack. and players can’t take damage. While the infrastructure is there, not having a model with animations to use as the enemy to test the system properly makes any attack timing kinda awkward.

Speaking of models, on the art side, the main male human model is fairly well under way!

Thanks for checking out the game, and we hope to show you more next week!

Stop by the official development stream:  Over Here!

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